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10 Things about…VIC JAGGER aka Shaqwana

10THINGS ABOUT…VIC JAGGER Vic Jagger aka Shaqwana was born and raised in...

vic jagger 10 Things about...VIC JAGGER aka Shaqwana Photo

Vic Jagger aka Shaqwana


Vic Jagger aka Shaqwana was born and raised in Washington, D.C. While interviewing members of “The Russ Parr Morning Show” for an undergraduate class assignment, she landed an internship with the show. In just a year, she became assistant producer and an on-air personality. She is the voice behind crazy characters such as May Ling, Alicia Keys and “Wiggy” Houston, to name a few. Her sharp tongue and sassiness, mixed with a glam appeal, has earned her the title “The Radio Vixen.” Shaqwana is also the engineer/ producer for “On the Air,” Russ Parr’s weekend show, which airs in more than 25 markets nationwide. And as an actress, she has made appearances in “The Last Stand” (2006), “Something Like A Business” (2008) and “Misunderstandings” (2008). Shaqwana has a bachelor’s degree in TV & Film Production from the University of the District of Columbia. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

1. Hometown?

Washington, D.C.

2. Before I worked in radio…

I was a manager at Up Against the Wall.

3. Biggest Pet Peeve?

I have a lot of pet peeves, but the biggest would

be liars, bad weaves, people who misspell and

misuse words (there, their) and people who think

“their________don’t stink.” LOL

4. Hobby?

Writing, eating, boxing, Tweeting, meditating,

dancing (to my own tune), hanging out with

friends, watching Reality TV.

5. Can’t live without my…


6. The title of my memoir would be…

“Victoria’s Secret: She Came. She Saw. She


7. First job?

Working in the mailroom and being a courier for

the Senate and Capitol Building at age 14

8. Will make me cry…

The end of “Set It Off.” Every time. LOL. No, anything

really sad. I’m a bag of water.

9. Most unique item I own:

My Buddah head… It brings me peace. Woosah.

10. I own a lot of…

Notebooks. I like to write.