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Gregg Leakes on Blast

nene4 Gregg Leakes on Blast  PhotoReal Housewife of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes’ husband Gregg Leakes’ 34 year old son Damian Leakes says Gregg and NeNe are defiantly divorcing, that Gregg abandoned his children when he ran off with NeNe after meeting her in a strip club and how he and his siblings, who have not been acknowledged on the show wonder where Gregg and NeNe’s money came from.  Damian claimed the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on NeNe was used to portray “a lifestyle.”  He [Gregg] feels like he put her where she is… he feels that she wouldn’t be anywhere if he didn’t give her the money to put her where she needs to be.  He feels like he made her because he gave her a lifestyle everyone wanted to see.  Damian’s father was divorced at the time he met NeNe, but added that soon after their introduction at the gentleman’s club where Damian said he father worked, the children were quickly moved out of the picture.  “Once he met her he kicked us out of the house,” Damian said, “the young siblings went to my mom’s, and he just ran off to start a whole new life literally in front of our faces.”

 Gregg Leakes on Blast  Photo
Damian Leakes says: “We are the forgotten side of the family. There’s so much talent with the kids he left behind. NeNe knows us and she knows we have issues from about 15 years ago and it’s time to address them. She’s become a household name with our last name, but we’re non-existent.” Gregg Leakes’ children apparently would like to know why they are not a part of his life, and Damian alleges that he would like to know why their father has not had a role in their lives as of late.