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Robin Thicke Reveals “Love After War” Cover Art & Tracklisting

love after war cover Robin Thicke Reveals Love After War Cover Art & Tracklisting Photo

Robin Thicke’s highly anticipated album Love After War is slated for release on December 6. The illustrated cover art shows Thicke’s signature blue eyes and lustrous hair. The forthcoming album features the single “Pretty Lil’ Heart” ft. Lil Wayne.

Love After War track-listing:

1. “An Angel on Each Arm”
2. “I’m an Animal”
3. “Never Give Up”
4. “The New Generation”
5. “Love After War”
6. “All Tied Up”
7. “Pretty Lil’ Heart” feat. Lil Wayne
8. “Mission”
9. “Tears on My Tuxedo”
10. “Boring”
11. “Lovely Lady”
12. “Dangerous”
13. “Full Time Believer”
14. “I Don’t Know How It Feels to Be U”
15. “Cloud 9”
16. “The Lil’ Things”
17. “What Would I Be?”